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Fixed Job

    Organizations might not need our services all round the year. Sometimes you want us to just fixup certain issues for you, for ex- settingup your accounting software or reconciling complete books for 1 year in a single go. Herein this plan helps you. We help you ABSOLUTELY FREE if task takes less than 30 mins.

    Suggested for: Organisations having limited predefiend tasks in mind

As Low as
$49Task wise

Hourly Basis

    You allocate us a job and we complete it and bill you for the hours spent at a rate finalized. We use Time tracking tools, which apart from tracking time, take snapshot of bookkeepers screen at regular random intervals. This helps in making sure that every hour paid is actually every hour worked.

    Suggested for: Small businesses with no set tasks or few recurring tasks.

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Monthly Fixed

    On the basis of the work load in your organization, we decide the monthly fixed rate for the pre-decided set of duties. A person in our team dedicatedly handles all your communications and directions and perform the tasks and duties as laid down by you.

    Suggested for: Startups/Growing businesses with defined set of tasks to be done at periodic intervals and organization has clear set of expectations from bookkeeper/Tax preparer

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Dedicated Bookkeeper (Full Time)

    We dedicate bookkeepers exclusively to your work. That person will work at your disposal and you can have any amount of work done from that person in the working hours. He will learn your business insights and will work just like your company employee.

    Suggested for: Organizations with Heavy work volume


  • Savings upto 80%
  • No Boundation of Payroll taxes, health benefits etc
  • As good as employee in next cabin
  • Quick turnaround time

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