CSV to IIF Converter

Presently there is no such method of uploading data through CSV files directly into quickbooks, consequently there is dearth of low cost tools, which can effectively convert& upload the data in quickbooks. We have made this tool on fire and forget basis, means, once inserted data, it automatically does all the categorization and cross checks in quickbooks.


  • 100% accuracy
  • Saving of time& Costs
  • Free for our clients personal use

Amazon Data interpreter& Accounting Integrator

If you are a amazon seller, you must be having hard time in making sense of all the , jargon full, different charges and revenues that amazon report provides. To solve this , there are some tools popping up in the market, but our experience was not so good with them. We used to find incorrect categorizations and mislabeled revenues and expenses. They are just so wrong. Consequently, our clients were facing difficulty in gauzing their accurate standing in business.

We have developed this tool for our clients, where In when fed with amazon v2 file, it gives you accurately categorized figures with fancy bars and graphs based reporting. It also does the inventory management aspect of your business.


  • Accurate reporting.
  • Free to use for our clients personal use.
  • No more monthly costs to be paid to ineffective apps.

Expense/Receipt tracker.

Everyone in business faces this situation. We make expenses, but we forget tracking those receipts. At end of year, when our CPA asks us for those receipts, we just show him a blank face . Consequently we have to pay more taxes or get less refunds. There are many famous tools in the market for solving this issue, but do anyone of them gives your receipts, a personal attention they deserve? Do they guide you where to put what expenses? Do they sync with all of your accounting softwares? Do you find them easy to upload receipt?

We have developed a system where in we provide you a whatsapp number, where in you can just click a picture of receipt and send it to that number. Our team at this side will categorize the expenses as per your purchase history and taxation point of view. Post that we will send you all the expenses summary so far.

Also we provide weekly expense trackers with use of graphics.


  • Accurate& personalized.
  • Better expense tracking and reporting.
  • No more monthly recurring charges to pay.
  • Easy to use, just click and send. No other steps.
  • Automatic updation in your books, no matter whats your accounting software.

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